Campus Mystery Shopping

Property Inspections

For Campus's property inspection program, mystery shoppers are sent to examine the properties of realty management companies with a checklist of items to look for and a digital camera to record problem areas.  Such items include:

  • Parking lots for cleanliness, landscaping, parking space lines;

  • Store fronts for neatness, signage and lighting;

  • Signage that is well marked, well lit and displaying the entrance;

  • Dumpster and delivery areas clear of trash and obstructions;

  • General impressions of the properties, the presence of graffiti;

  • Photos showing problem areas.

    We inspect all kinds of property including standalone stores, strip malls, shopping centers, educational campuses.

    Monthly, quarterly or yearly programs available.

Email us now at or txt 360 322 4884 and ask us how we can help you.