Our Services

Campus Consulting offers mystery shopping as its primary business.

We will visit your store or business and report back to you with our findings from the point of view of the customer. We can evaluate such areas as customer service, sales techniques, and store environment. We can also call up your business or call center and let you know how your staff respond over the phone. After we approach all of your locations, we will summarize the results and tell you how things are going. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly programs offered.

We will take over an existing shopping program that you may be running now or we can custom design one to best fit your needs.

When we custom design a shopping program, we interview you in order to determine your needs.  We then create a report form that best captures the information that we want the shoppers to collect for you.  A customized web site is then made which includes the shopper instructions and this report form. 

Shoppers are selected, trained and given a time frame in which to visit your locations.  After the store visits, shoppers enter the information into the report form and submit their reports to an online database.  From this database we can then create individual reports and a summary of results in spreadsheet form after each shopping period.

Contact us for information regarding any of our services.