Campus Mystery Shopping

How We Are Different

1.  Working in your backyard.  We are not some branch operation of a large company.  We are a mystery shopping corporation servicing of needs of retail organizations, colleges and real estate firms.

2.  Securing your information.  Most of our competitors use third party websites to process their clients' shopping data.  We don't do that.  All our clients' shopping data is secured and in-house.  And all of our processes use Microsoft programs.  For example, our databases, spreadsheets and documents are created in Microsoft programs and saved as Microsoft files.  Simple and easy for you to access.

3.  Knowing the business.  We have been operating as a mystery shopping company for over 25 years.  We use this knowledge base to help you create and operate your shopping programs.

4.  Reducing your risk.  You can try out our service by having us shop a few store locations for you.  Check out how we do before committing.

5.  Managing professionally.  The general manager has a graduate business degree with several years of business operation experience.

Email now at: or txt 360 322 4884.