Uploading your Receipt to the Website

Please upload the image of your order printout or cash register receipt here to our web site.  When scanning, please use maximum compression to reduce file size.


1.  Take an image of your receipt with a digital camera in low resolution, black and white.


2.  Change the name of the image file to this format: storenumberxmmddyy.jpg.  For example, if you had shopped store 124 on Feb 4th, 2010, the file name should be 124x020410.jpg (To rename a file, right click on that file then go to rename).


3.  Locate this image file on your computer by clicking on the browse button below and searching for the file.


If you are trying to upload the receipt file to the web site and are getting a box asking for password/ID, it means that your receipt file is too large and that the web site is timing out.  Try reducing the file size and then try it again.  To reduce the file size, take the picture with the low resolution, black and white settings, or use the "compression" setting in your photo software, reducing to "document" or "email."


Before uploading the image file, please preview the image.  You must submit a readable, legible image showing the store number, location, date and time, and total of purchase.

Find the image file on your computer by clicking the browse button.  When you have found it, click the submit button.  THIS UPLOAD WILL ALSO ACCEPT .pdf files.  Please use the same naming format:  storenumberxmmddyy.pdf.

Report Confirmation Number:      Please get your confirmation number from your submitted report: View Your Report.

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